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EMM International
In this world that’s changing faster than ever, EMM has been active ever since the 1980s, developing innovative solutions for all markets involved in the world of varnish processing. More than 40 new products have been launched during the last three years under the brands Colad, Hamach and Ronin Tools.

EMM has a number of different sites across Europe. The head office is based in the Netherlands. Deliveries are made to over 125 countries. The company develops, produces and supplies all articles required to make the processing of varnish efficient, effective and high quality. This covers the automotive, aviation, marine and manufacturing industries. Colad, Hamach and Ronin Tools have an innovative solution for every step in the varnish processing procedure. Just add paint!
Get to know our innovative brands!

• Colad designs unique opportunities for end users, focused on achieving results within the working and company procedures. We’re talking increased enjoyment at work, efficiency, sustainability, professionalism and profit. Colad, inventing more. www.colad.co
• Hamach offers complete solutions for fitting out mixing and working areas in a sustainable manner. With its central HCV dust extraction it also provides a tailor-made solution suiting every budget and every market, with a focus on safety, quality, sustainability and innovation. www.hamach.com
• Ronin Tools supplies an extensive range of high quality hand tools. The design of these products is focused around convenience, ergonomics and the functionality that the user desires. There is the right tool for every job. www.ronintools.com
With our brand Colad we offer you the fastest solution for preparation and application of paints! De Colad Snap Lid Systeem®: Mix, Snap & Go!

Let’s make it simple!
Are you ready to speed up your paint process and achieve high-quality results? Our Snap Lid System® offers the fastest and easiest solution for preparing and spraying paint. Snap Lid System is suitable for any type of paint, thanks to the four different types of filters. Use one system for clear coat, waterborne & conventional base coat and primer. With Snap Lid System you can choose the right micron filter for the desired paint result. Colad Snap Lid System comes in different sizes, making it a paint application system suitable for every job.

With proud Colad introduces the most powerful UV Curing lamp
To ensure profitability and streamline work processes, UV curing technology is being used more and more in various paint processing markets. The technology enables you to work faster and more efficiently while significantly reducing curing time between process steps.

Always at your service, all day, every day!

Designed to be operated quickly and easily, the high-tech ergonomic grip and operation is similar to a spray gun grip. The lamp combines the low weight of a spray gun with the ease of the 900 ml Colad Snap Lid® paint application system. The lamp is cord wired, making it suitable for a full day’s continuous working.

The lamp is designed with shock resistant technology to resist shocks and vibrations due to the aluminium housing and protective reflecting cap. Additionally, the lamp is equipped with a solvent resistant clear glass lens to prevent damage to the lens and output loss . To prevent overheating, the UV curing lamp has active cooling that is designed to lead the airflow safely away from both the object and the operator.

Give yourself the advantage with EMM; just add paint!

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