4, 5 en 6 februari 2025 | Evenementenhal Gorinchem

knowledge sessions

The knowledge sessions – a regular and well-attended part of Auto Prof. Also in 2024 there will be four knowledge domes on the exhibition floor. In addition to your stand on the exhibition floor, you also have the opportunity to inform visitors about everything that is happening in the automotive and damage repair industry. A unique opportunity to put your knowledge of the industry in the spotlight.

Each day of the exhibition, each knowledge dome is filled with five informative knowledge sessions, so a total of twenty knowledge sessions per day. The approach of these sessions should be informative rather than commercial. Of course, your company may be visible. In 2024, one knowledge dome will be entirely dedicated to EV.

Be quick, full=full!

Participation knowledge sessions: 800 euro

  • Presenting one informative session a day 
  • Thus, a total of three knowledge sessions during the three trade show days 
  • One TV-screen and one microphone present 
  • Possibility of 50 to 70 attendees 
  • Only in combination with a stand 
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