The reason to visit?

What is Auto Prof?

Are you working in the automotive sector? Then Auto Prof is the place to meet automotive professionals like car technicians, managers and workshop supervisors. During this three-day network and knowledge event, the focus is on current themes and developments within the industry. Professionals from all segments of the automotive and damage repair sector present themselves, meet their relations and learn everything about themes such as: MOT, smarter diagnostics, sustainable entrepreneurship and new technological developments.  

The reason to visit?


electric driving

Check out the specially set up ‘Electric driving’ square to see if you are dealing with electric driving in the right way and buy the right workshop equipment.
nieuwe techniek

new technologies

Find out why new technologies in general and this edition 3D printing in particular are interesting for you as a car professional.

autonomous driving

Make sure your garage has everything you need to deal with autonomous parts.
nieuwe techniek

live demonstrations

Follow the (guided) route along exhibitors giving live demonstrations of their latest products and services.
nieuwe techniek

fuelling knowledge

Broaden your knowledge of the hot topics in the industry. Themes this year are MOT, smarter diagnostics, sustainable entrepreneurship and new technological developments.

Networking event

Auto Prof has stood for a wide range of exhibitors on the show floor for years. This diversity ultimately ensures a clear overview of the automotive sector. Auto Prof is the place to meet your business relations and make new contacts.

"You always see new things, new tools, new solutions and diagnostic techniques. I think it is definitely worth coming here''.

knowledge event

Do you want to prepare for the future? Discover innovations and trends within the industry during the knowledge sessions. During the trade show, inspiring knowledge sessions are given by professionals from the automotive industry.
Kennisevent Auto Prof

"What always strikes me at this fair is the friendly atmosphere between visitors and exhibitors. Where at other fairs you don't dare to speak to an exhibitor, here the threshold is completely broken down.

Product Demonstraties Auto Prof

product demonstrations

Exhibitors will be happy to show you their new techniques and innovations. They do this through lively product demonstrations. Visit one of the demo areas or knowledge sessions and stay informed about the developments and trends in your field.
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